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    •             Bellagio Trolley (BBG3-new version)

    •             Life Trolley and Wheeled duffle

    •             Life Pelle trolley

    •             Firenze Trolley and Wheeled duffle

    •             Capri Trolley

    •             Positano Trolley

    •             X-Collection Trolley and Wheeled duffle

    ·        Bellagio Trolley (BBG2)

    ·        Life Duffles & Backpacks

    ·        Life Pelle Duffles & Backpacks

    ·        Firenze Duffles

    ·        Positano Soft Duffles

    ·        X-Collection Duffles & Backpacks

    ·        Amalfi

    ·        Ferrara

    ·        Torino

    ·        Monza

    ·        Matera

    ·        B1Y Trolley (Ulisse)

    ·        Life Bags

    ·        Life Pelle Bags

    ·        Firenze Bags

    ·        Positano Soft Bags

    ·        X-Collection Bags

    ·        Volterra

    ·        Gondola

    ·        SLG (Wallets)

    ·        B2Y Bags

Brand Warranty Policy

  • BRIC’S Limited Warranty only applies to products purchased from an authorized BRIC’S store or dealer. BRIC’S warranty does not cover deterioration due to use, damage caused to the product due to improper use (example: carrying unusual objects), heat exposure, contact with acids or solvents, water infiltration, or damage caused in the course of transportation. BRIC’S warranty does not cover damage caused by airline carriers. When retrieving luggage after a flight or train journey, please check it carefully and, if it had been mishandled, immediately file a claim with the airline. Most major airlines are prepared to cover damaged caused due to mishandled luggage.

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